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Welcome to Schoolr

Schoolr is a new resource for parents looking for support while they homeschool their children.

The idea is simple – to provide a new resource of educational and entertainment videos for children that are safe and created by our community of brilliant Schoolr educators and presenters.

Homeschooling children is hard – there’s no two ways about it. Outside of the school environment, keeping children engaged in learning and focused on their work is almost an impossible task, especially for parents who are trying to work around their children’s needs.

The concept behind the site is to share homeschooling with others via short 15-30 minute videos created by parents and those who want to share their knowledge. By giving children a specific educational channel to focus on the hope is that together we can make a huge difference.

Anyone can be a Schoolr educator – you just need knowledge you can share with children and a webcam. We’re looking for people to share anything from teaching art and music to more academic subjects. We’re also looking for others who would like to tell stories that can be used to entertain and to even help with bed time.

If you have knowledge you can volunteer to share with children across the UK in an engaging way please do drop us an email at

Schoolr is a totally non-profit website. We are just starting to build our content and hope to launch soon. We will be enabling monetisation on the videos on our YouTube channel and any income over our hosting costs will be used to support charities that are focussed on children and families.

We’ll be launching fully soon so please come back. And remember if you think you can help we need you!